Riverfeast Bundaberg

Last week was my first week living the dream as a full time bum artist – I’ve finally decided to take a leap of faith and quit my regular 9 to 5 to persue this art thing full time. What a perfect way to kick it all off with a spraycation up to sunny Bundaberg.

Here’s a little shhnippet of what i was working on for the lovely people atRiverfeast Bundaberg. I promised not to share the main wall i worked on until it’s big unveiling at the opening in October, so here’s a peak ofsomething else. Get along and support this massive venture of theirs. It is going to be the life of Bundaberg.

Just wanted to say a massive thanks for having me and giving me such a massive blank canvas to work on, I had a ball. Big love to local artist Jamie Kirby who helped me out and showed me the Bundy ropes, thanks a tonne!

Hope to be back again soon smile emoticon

Riverfeast Mural up in Bundaberg


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