Sea Lake Silos, Victoria

This work was created in the small northern victorian town of Sea Lake.

The Space In Between 2019

While travelling from Brisbane to Sea Lake in early 2019, we watched the landscape change dramatically over the 2000km inland journey. We watched the landscape move from a crowded cityscape, to the subtropical mountains of the granite belt then as we moved further south and further inland, the landscape flattened and opened up dramatically. Though this journey was not unique to the both of us. Australiaʼs ancient outback always brings us a feeling wholeness and freedom. The still and silence we experience when standing in the outback is undeniably grounding. This is the unique feeling that draws many travellers like us far outback each year.

This artwork is a celebration of this special space in rural Australia. The artwork depicts a young girl swinging from a mallee eucalyptus gazing out over the endless vista that is Lake Tyrrell. For millennia this lake has existed, unchanged and untouched. It is a place of wonder and story. In recent years, the lake has become a focal point for tourists travelling from many different corners of the world. In this ever increasing busy day and age, people universally long for space and solitude. While the people of outback Australia may experience a constant feeling of solitude and uninterrupted horizon lines, travellers from urban landscapes are drawn to places like Sea Lake.

The artwork looks to allow people to find their own stories in this work. During our research into the history of the region, we learned of the stories of the Boorong people. The stories of early indigenous astrology was recorded in 1857 by local of the Mallee, William Edward Standbridge. The Boorong were known to have more knowledge of astronomy than any other tribe. During our research we looked to engage with indigenous people from the region who shared a connection with the Boorong people. We made contact with a local indigenous artist Robby Wirramanda who shared a number of interesting stories of his ancestors. It became clear to us that these stories are deeply important stories of the Boorong. A high level of sensitivity should be taken in ensuring that these stories be told by those with connection to the Boorong and or the language group of the Wergaia. In the design, Robbyʼs wooden sculptural works are depicted in the centre of the design. Robby describes these sculptures as reprentations of his ancestors. They have been installed on the salt flats of Lake Tyrrell previously, and pay homage to his people who are deeply connected to the land in which we stand today.

We hope that all those that view this work can find their own stories within it. It looks to connect and bring the viewer closer with some of these relatively ordinary and overlooked elements seen in the outback landscape. We hope to allow the viewer to see these elements from a new perspective. We hope that this rural Mural becomes a monument that evokes pride in the community and will draw people from far and wide to visit it.


An enormous thank you to all those who made this artwork possible.

The Sea Lake community (Advance Sea Lake)

Buloke Shire Council


Wattyl Paint Australia


After Midnight Film Co

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